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Shortlisted in “Greek e-Awards 2012”


a life in a moment“Never look back; you may only find what you left or let you go”, she told him one day. Now, though, it’s different. Vassilis has only a moment to reminisce all about his life: his childhood in Greece, the big family secret, the life-changing betrayal, the long train journey, the birth of a child, his new start in London, his ravishing love affair…

No matter how long this narration may take, in reality it only lasts for a moment. Is it enough to encapsulate a whole life?

A story about passion, love, solitude and betrayal. A novella about fate’s strange games and life’s unexpected turnovers. A book about the people’s journey to a destination that becomes very different to the one initially set.

Translated by Dimitris Thanasoulas, edited by Lisa Roberts.

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