Meet Princess Saltwater and her Instagram novel

To be completely honest, I was unaware that Instagram novels were a thing. When I found out, I was intrigued, maybe because the first one I came across was Sophia Gatzionis’s “Princess Saltwater”. When you see her Instagram posts, you’ll know why.

I decided to approach her for a mini interview and here we are. Enjoy. Read more

Meet typewriter artist Robert Doerfler

I met Robert Doerfler on Instagram a few days ago when I posted a photo of my old typewriter.He “liked” it and, as I didn’t know him, I checked out his account only to find out that he is a typewriter artist, based in Germany. To be honest, I had never heard of this art before, but I spent a good amount of time meticulously looking at his pictures. Then, I decided to interview him. Read more

Interview: “Waking up from that dream was the craziest thing I’ve ever done”

I’d like to introduce Author, Stefanos Livos.

Stefanos Livos is a Greek author. He was born in Athens, grew up in the small island of Zakynthos, and now lives in London, working as an e-Learning Coordinator. “A Life In A Moment” is his first novel, originally written in Greek. He has also written short stories, one of which, “Like A Stacked Deck”, has received a collective “Greek e-Award 2012″. Stefanos Livos is now writing his next book, a historical novel called “The Secret of Levante”.

Ready to learn more about Stefanos?  Read more

Interview: “Happiness means to ask for nothing”

What is your favourite quote?

“The higher you fly, the smaller you appear to those who can’t fly” by F. Nietzsche.


What did inspire you to write “A Life In A Moment”?

It is actually the book the hero of my first ever story is writing.  When I myself started to write it, at the age of 16, I had thought it would be an interesting and challenging game to play, but in the end the story came into life in a different way I had expected. Read more

Interview: “Being an only child is what has defined me the most”

After Lisa Roberts approached Greek author Stefanos Livos with the idea of interviewing him, he had no choice but to agree to her reinvention of the usual interview format, which she called a ‘duoview’, where both participants interview each other, in a relaxed and very real ‘chatting-over-coffee’ conversation. Read more

Interview: “The first paragraph is always the hardest part to write”

Stefanos Livos is an inspirational writer who was born in Athens in 1984, and grew up on the beautiful island of Zakynthos. Today, he resides in the large coastal, resort town of Bournemouth in the county of Dorset, England. He is the author of ‘Kleftes Maties,’ (Secret Glimpses) which is a collection of short stories and “A Life In A moment” which is currently under translation into English, to be published as an e-book later this year.

Stefanos agreed to come under the spotlight in a rare interview with the GreekReporter to talk about his writing, the cultural differences between the UK and Greece, plus the current situation in his homeland. Read more

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