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Interview: “Waking up from that dream was the craziest thing I’ve ever done”

I’d like to introduce Author, Stefanos Livos.

Stefanos Livos is a Greek author. He was born in Athens, grew up in the small island of Zakynthos, and now lives in London, working as an e-Learning Coordinator. “A Life In A Moment” is his first novel, originally written in Greek. He has also written short stories, one of which, “Like A Stacked Deck”, has received a collective “Greek e-Award 2012″. Stefanos Livos is now writing his next book, a historical novel called “The Secret of Levante”.

Ready to learn more about Stefanos? 


-Which is the one television character that you simply adore?
Definitely, Chandler Bing from FRIENDS. We are like twins from another mother. We both use humour as a defense mechanism at social occasions, but end up smiling alone. Yes, we are both quite pathetic, but still, we managed to get a beautiful girlfriend.

-What do you do when you feel very sad or depressed?
I write. It’s the best time to write. You have all these intense feelings inside you that you’re nothing but a volcano. Of course, after these wild eruptions it takes a lot of editing, but it’s definitely worth it, as these moments are always the most creative ones.

-If you could have a luncheon with any three people (real or fictitious/from any time period/dead or alive), which three people would you choose and why?
I would choose Jesus, Hitler and Jamie Carrie as The Mask. No need to explain why, I think. Just imagine what would happen at a luncheon like this.

-If given complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?
I’d become a skipper, to teach sailing, participate in yacht races and then return to a harbour and drink beers with my friends on a boat. Whenever I was in a bad mood, I would just sail away and I would only come back when I felt ready to throw myself back into real life.

-Which is your favorite time of the day?
It’s early in the evening, when you feel that the most difficult part of the day is behind you and that you can now put on your pyjamas, sit down, have a drink and relax with a book.
It’s somewhere in those moments that happiness hides itself.

-What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I once was so much in love with a young American actress that I took a plane from London to New York just to be at her play’s premiere. I was sitting in the audience watching my love performing, totally ignorant of my presence there. After the end of the play, I went back to the dressing rooms, I knocked on the one she was supposed to be in, she opened the door and she looked at me astonished. Waking up from that dream at that particular point was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I’m still regretting it.

-If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to survive?
My girlfriend, a laptop, a satellite router, a solar power generator and a fridge.

-Which is your most favorite place in this earth?
The room I grew up in. It feels as a shelter even when I can only travel there in my mind.

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