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Is Peace Nobel Prize Winner EU really deporting people who flee war?

Refugees being deported to Turkey. Photo: Anadolu Agency

Implementing the EU-Turkey deal, the greek government, in close collaboration with Frontex, have started deporting refugees back to Turkey, despite UN’s concerns.

It is a big and sad irony to see images like the one above. The European Union has failed to provide these people with the shelter they need and sends them back to Turkey, betraying its own words out of their Peace Nobel Prize acceptance speech back in 2012. Let’s remember a characteristic excerpt:

We all share the same planet. Poverty, organised crime, terrorism, climate change: these are problems that do not respect national borders. We share the same aspirations and universal values: these are progressively taking root in a growing number of countries all over the world. We share “l’irréductible humain”, the irreducible uniqueness of the human being. Beyond our nation, beyond our continent, we are all part of one mankind.

Jean Monnet, ends his Memoirs with these words: “Les nations souveraines du passé ne sont plus le cadre où peuvent se résoudre les problèmes du présent. Et la communauté elle-même n’est qu’un étape vers les formes d’organisation du monde de demain.” (“The sovereign nations of the past can no longer solve the problems of the present. And the [European] Community itself is only a stage on the way to the organised world of the future.”)

This federalist and cosmopolitan vision is one of the most important contributions that the European Union can bring to a global order in the making.

Read the full speech here.

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